The data revolution has radically changed how firms, organizations, agencies and governments make their decisions. Such a far-reaching transformation asks for a new generation of scientists able to match statistical cutting-edge tecniques with a fine-grained understanding of social and political patterns.

Within the MA in Public and Corporate Communication of the Università degli Studi di Milano, the new curriculum Data Analytics for Politics, Society & Complex Organizations (DAPS&CO) trains this next generation of social and political data scientists. DAPS&CO provides the key competences to design and run small and Big data analyses to forecast, plan, monitor, and evaluate effective decisions and strategies.

What will you learn?

Innovation in software and algorithms is fast, sometimes whimsical. The core methods to establish meaningful causal and predictive relationships among data, instead, have since long remained the same. DAPS&CO equips you to apply the right techniques from major software for data analysis (in particular R) to get knowledge from Big Data or small ones. More importantly, DAPS&CO provides you with foundational knowledge about people’s motivations, resources, and constraints to develop the causal and predictive models that make this knowledge meaningful in a wide array of contexts – from firms to public agencies, third-sector organizations, and private and public interest associations.

What for?

Due to its strong focus on scientific methods, data analysis and digitalization, the skills trained by DAPS&CO are in high demand in both the private and public sectors, at the national and international levels. Notably, our graduates are highly qualified for several professional opportunities: social-media analyst, data analyst, marketing analyst, sales researcher, communication strategist, digital strategist, communication officer, opinion pollster, policy analyst, policy consultant, public affairs specialist and political advisor. Beside consulting and research in the private sector, DAPS&CO is suitable for students interested in applying to any Ph.D. programme in social research and political sciences.

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