DAPS&CO Stories


“In the last year of DAPS&CO, I had the chance to do a two-month internship with The Good Lobby Italia. There, I was given super-interesting opportunities to put all my new skills into practice — data conceptualization, collection, analysis, and visualization. The stage naturally morphed into the research project that I later discussed as my master thesis – and with flying colours. A truly engaging experience!”
— Sofia Ragazzi








“Enrolling in the Daps&Co course has brought a paradigm shift in my academic career. The diverse bachelor background from which students come from, combined with a teaching built both towards a social science theoretical ground and hands-on coding project assignments, give the course a skyrocketing potential. Currently, I am working as an intern in a Sustainability Intelligence startup where I help organisations identifying their impacts on the economy, environment, and people through data managing and reporting.”
— Anita Napodano




“DAPS&CO enabled me to develop skills and knowledge that proved fundamental in taking my first steps into the job market. Both thanks to the training offered and a lecturers’ approach to teaching that placed great value on the research design dimension, I have been able to learn a working method and developed a set of skills that proved pivotal for my working experience in market research.”
— Fabiana Gemma Giannuzzi








Thanks to the balance of practical techniques and theoretical teachings that DAPS&CO offers, I have learned to take a data driven approach to problems, which I believe is fundamental to understanding today’s world and which has allowed me a rapid entry into the job market as a data analyst.
— Riccardo Ruta








Daps&Co curriculum provides an opportunity for students majored in liberal arts to enter the world of data science. The professors are always ready to help. I acquired advanced data analysis skills through different courses and projects. The experience at Daps&Co has opened me more possibilities to boost my career. Currently, I am working as a Customer Insights intern.
— Chunmin Tang








During these two years at DAPS&CO, I have had the opportunity to combine and play with two great passions, history and IT, discovering how opposites sometimes really do attract. Currently, I am working as a consultant analyst and programmer in a large company following projects on different areas and clients.
— Tomas Ruzza









DAPS&CO gave me the opportunity to delve into the field of data analytics for politics, society, and complex organizations. Throughout the duration of the course, I had the privilege of learning and applying a range of data analysis methods tailored specifically to the social sciences. By engaging in practical lessons and undertaking research projects, I not only enhanced my theoretical understanding but also developed essential computational skills. One aspect that particularly stood out was the support and accessibility of the professors. They consistently showed a genuine willingness to help students overcome challenges and grasp complex concepts. Their expertise and guidance contributed greatly to my overall learning experience.
— Fedra Ippolito