Squazzoni Flaminio (Unimi)Behavioural Sociology1st year - 1st term
Orofino Marco (Unimi)Data Access and Regulation1st year - 1st term
Vegetti Federico (Unimi)Data Analysis1st year - 1st term
Dotti Sani Giulia Maria (Unimi)Data Analysis1st year - 1st term
Solari Luca (Unimi)Analytics for Complex Organizations1st year - 1st term
Gandini Alessandro (Unimi)Digital Cultures and Communication Research1st year - 1st term
Bozzon Rossella (Unimi)Data Analysis1st year - 1st term
De Angelis Andrea (University of Lucerne)Data Access and Regulation1st year - 2nd term
Fahey Robert (Waseda University - Tokyo)Data Access and Regulation

Big Data Analytics
1st year - 2nd term

2nd year - 2nd term
Genovese Federica (Essex University)Multivariate Analysis for Social Scientists 1st year - 3rd term
Negri Fedra (Unimi)Multivariate Analysis for Social Scientists1st year - 3rd term
Nedkovski Vojkan (Unimi)Analytics for Complex Organizations1st year - 3rd term
Cristiano Vezzoni (Unimi)Social and Political Attitudes1st year - 3rd term
Damonte Alessia (Unimi)Policy Design Analysis and Evaluation2nd year - 1st term
Dinas Elias (European University Institute)Policy Design Analysis and Evaluation2nd year - 1st term
Curini Luigi (Unimi and in charge of DAPS&CO)Big Data Analytics2nd year - 2nd term