Bianchi Federico (Unimi)Network Analysis2nd year - 2nd term
Curini Luigi (Unimi and in charge of DAPS&CO)Big Data Analytics2nd year - 1st term
Damonte Alessia (Unimi)Policy Design Analysis and Evaluation2nd year - 1st term
Decadri Silvia (Unimi)Policy Design Analysis and Evaluation
2nd year - 1st term
Dotti Sani Giulia Maria (Unimi)Data Analysis1st year - 1st term
Gandini Alessandro (Unimi)Digital Cultures and Communication Research1st year - 2nd term
Pagano Giovanni (Unimi)Introduction to R1st year - 1st term
Perri Pierluigi (Unimi)Cybersecurity and protection of personal data: legal and policies issues1st year - 1st term
Provetti Alessandro (Unimi)Coding for Computational Social Science1st year - 1st term
Solari Luca (Unimi)Analytics for Complex Organizations1st year - 3rd term
Squazzoni Flaminio (Unimi)Behavioural Sociology1st year - 1st term
Vezzoni Cristiano (Unimi)Social and Political Attitudes1st year - 3rd term