Vojkan Nedkovski

Post Doctoral Researcher, Dept. of Social and Political Sciences, UniMi (IT)
Email: vojkan.nedkovski@unimi.it

Walk us through your resume: how did you get into the topic of your course?
The idea to study social networks originates from the time of my master’s degree program in the University of Bologna, Italy. While writing my master’s degree thesis, which was about the social capital change in the aftermath of socialism collapse in Macedonia, I realized that I am more interested in studying the techniques of social capital creation and exploitation at individual level of analysis rather than the manifestations of social capital at societal level. Social network analysis (SNA) is, indeed, a useful tool for understanding why certain individuals have greater access to social capital than others.

What will students learn by attending your classes?
SNA emphasizes the importance of relationships among social units at different levels of analysis and centers on the ideas of embeddedness, structural patterning, and usefulness of social connections. This course is structured in a way to cover the fundamental aspects underpinning social network research and its combination with the traditional social science approaches. The main objective is to familiarize the students with the theory, methodology and research associated with SNA in organizational contexts. Upon completion of the course, the students are expected to obtain basic skills and competences in assembling, organizing, and analyzing network data by utilizing R software package.

How would your students describe you?
I hope my students would describe me as a positive, dedicated person with clear lesson plans, who provides the students with projects that allow them to use and enhance their creativity. I believe my students would say that I am a good listener, fair at giving feedback, and dedicated to their success.

Please, tell us something about yourself that’s not on your resume.
This isn’t just about teaching SNA. I love being surrounded by bright people who shine with novel ideas and perspectives. It is the interaction with such people that brings us to big ideas and sense of wholeheartedness. I also enjoy being involved in new challenges, and this course certainly represents a major one. Apart from teaching and conducting academic research, in my free time, you may find me on the high mountains.