Marco Orofino

Associate Professor, Dept. of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies.

Walk us through your resume: how did you get into the topic of your course?
Since the very beginning of my research activity, I studied the impact of new technology on fundamental rights and freedoms. With regard to the specific subject of data protection, I’ve been introduced by my doctorate supervisor and “academic father”, who was appointed as President of the Italian Data Protection Authority. At the end of his mandate, I got the opportunity to work with him in several researches and projects concerning this topic.

What will students learn by attending your classes?
For sure, they will learn norms of the framework in force on personal data protection. In reality, my objective is to share a methodology to read a normative text in order to extract a meaning from it. I guess this is more important. Rules change, method remains.

How would your students describe you?
I don’t know and somewhat I don’t really care. I just hope they could appreciate my commitment.

Please, tell us something about yourself that’s not on your resume.
My resume is already too meticulous to add something more. I could just say that I hate excuses and alibi. I guess it is enough, I will not tell You that I love every kind of sport or cooking.