Luca Solari

Full Professor, Dept. of Social and Political Sciences, UniMi (IT)
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Walk us through your resume: how did you get into the topic of your course?
There are two parts to this story. The first is how I ended up in management, and it is because of a book. On the second week of my bachelor I heard a professor speaking about Abraham Maslow. I was intrigued and in a break I went to the library and borrowed one of his books. To my surprise there was much more than what was being said on people and organizations. I guess that’s why I decided to do research: not to have to rely on others’ summaries. The second part is that I spent half of my career investing in quantitative research while helping companies and practitioners through mostly qualitative methods. I felt schizophrenic at times when finally I realized I could create a bridge between the two experiences. And here I am.

What will students learn by attending your classes?
You will be engaged in metrics and analytics to help companies make sense of what they decide. Most of the time their decisions are based on experience and generic assumptions. Here we will see how to measure organizations and people in a more accurate way.

How would your students describe you?
I tend to be rather informal and use irony during my classes. At times I exceed with examples from professional settings, which I think are of value but sometimes students might not get its value.

Please, tell us something about yourself that’s not on your resume.
I qualified and attended the national championship of Subbuteo in Reggio Calabria when I was 16. Subbuteo is halfway a game and halfway a sport based on football.