Federica Genovese

Lecturer, Department of Government, University of Essex (UK)
Email: fgenov@essex.ac.uk
Website: www.federica-genovese.com
Twitter: @fgenovese86

Walk us through your resume: how did you get into the topic of your course?
Society is complex. Early on in my social science studies I realized understanding society requires the expert use of precise investigative tools. I first took statistics and econometrics during my Masters studies. I then continued my specialization in formal and quantitative methods during my PhD. Engaging with the same state-of-the-art data analysis instruments I plan to teach at DAPS has made me a more careful and sophisticated comparative researcher and political science instructor.

What will students learn by attending your classes?
In Multivariate Analysis for Social Scientists, students will learn how to handle and investigate multivariate social science data. This includes managing (summarizing, scaling, transforming) data in preparation for analysis, as well as visualizing data. Students will also learn how to run a range of correlational analyses and principal component/latent variable analyses.

How would your students describe you?
I like to constructively challenge my students. I always encourage active learning and appreciate discussions and interactions during my lessons. I am approachable and friendly. I enjoy helping students throughout their learning experience.

Please, tell us something about yourself that’s not on your resume.
I come from a political family (grandfather was an MP of the Sicilian parliament), but I enjoy politics just as much as good food and looking at a calm sea. In Essex I live with my husband (also a political scientist), our beautiful baby girl, and a white cat.