Data Access and Regulation

First, by attending this module, students will learn the norms of the framework in force on personal data protection. Since norms on data access and regulation are likely to change quite quickly over time, the aim of the module is to share a methodology so that students will be able to read a normative text and to extract a meaning from it.
Second, once understood what can (and can’t) be done with online data, this module will focus on how to efficiently perform data storage and management. Students will learn how to handle some of the most common data access situations: scraping information from the Internet, interacting with APIs to get social media data, dealing with JSON and XML files, and show some publicly-available (big) data sets. They will be made aware about the database options available to them – from free software they can install on their laptops up to cloud services suited to handling terabytes of data – and learn their strengths and weaknesses so that they can effectively choose the right database or other storage methodology for different types of research task.

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